Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Movie Review - The Lady In The Van

From the minute I saw the trailer for this movie I knew it was something I was going to see, I didn't care if I had to go alone this was a film I was going to go see and last weekend I finally got the chance to go and although this breaks my heart to say I'm slightly disappointed.
  I don't know if it's one of those things that I just built up too much and there was no way it could possibly live up to my expectations but I found the trailer so much more funny than the actual film which is so sad.

The storyline itself though is brilliant, it's mostly based on a true story which makes it that little bit better. The story is about Ms Sheppard (Maggie Smith -who is legit my Icon) and how she lives in her van (on the run). She goes from place to place in her little mustard coloured van and he rude, heartless attitude just made me fall in love with Ms Sheppard (perhaps I see some of myself in her.... awks :/ )  but Smith portrays Ms Sheppard so so good. She oddly finds friendship with her 'neighbor' Alan and the two really do bring a smile to your face, oh and a heap of tears -you've been warned (but keep in mind I'm emotionally unstable).
     The story is quite heartbreaking when you think about it as a whole, but it shows the ageing process well too.  Slightly too well if you ask me bringing up some odd emotions, and I'm not kidding!! The following morning I began to realise I only have a ten year window where I can have a mini cooper because turn 30 I'll be looking for a reliable mammy car... I know, what's that to be thinking about?!!
  Overall I did really enjoy the film and when trust me when I say the funny parts were GENIUS!!! (I especially love that one there when she rolls down the hill) but I feel like the highlights of the movie are in the trailer and really didn't live up to my expectations at all.

Would I recommend you go to the cinema to see it? Well, I wouldn't not tell you to go but at the same time I can't say you need to run to the nearest Odeon or Omniplex or wherever like it's not a film you'd need to see before you die if you ask me but a decent flick overall -If you want to see what the film is all about and see every funny part then you can watch the trailer here: 
 Let me know if you go and what you think :)

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