Wednesday, 21 October 2015


 I DONE IT!! To the disgust of my mother and uncle I bit the bullet and got my first ever tattoo, and boy was it painful... no like I actually mean like it was very, VERY sore!! I don't care what anyone says it was sore!!
It was on my lifelong bucket list, and one of the top things on my Carlow F*ck it list so I put pedal to the floor two weeks ago and went about getting my ink. I know what you're thinking... that's only tiny but for me it might as well be a full sleeve!! My biggest phobia is needles, I hate the things!! Sixth year in school getting a needle I would cry, pass out, bring a teddy, and had to have a first year hold my hand so for me Lynda Hennebry, to book a tattoo and actually go get it...well, let me tell you.. it was 'one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind' .. hahahahahahaha get it?! ;) -Neil Armstrong, the astronaut... Oh I craic myself up!!

Anyway, I booked my tattoo from Jim Farrell in Carlow town after recommendations from my friend for
Thursday and when the day finally arrived I brought along my housemate Jennie and friend Emma for 'moral support', aka to squeeze when it got too sore for me to cope!! (Shoutout to Jennie for allowing me to almost break her hand.)
 As I've mentioned before on my blog I am obsessed with the moon, it's one thing in this world that I am so obsessed with and I have no idea why, well I do, I've loads of reasons why which I did actually talk about before here:  but basically I just love the moon, it's my thing okay and we all have a thing so I personally love my tattoo ..even though it's on the back of my neck so I can't really see it!!

Going into the tattoo shop was one of the scariest things I had ever done, I dunno even the smell like it smelt like tattoos ..that make sense? I dunno but trust me there's this smell off tattoos so I got prepped and sat down ready to get my ink. When it usually comes to these type of things I'm very much 'no wait, no stop I'm not ready, hang on gimme a minute' but this time I just left Jim go straight ahead.
Jim was such a lovely man, really really understanding of my fear and even though it would only take him two minutes he was really willing to take time and make sure I stayed calm and relaxed which was so reassuring.
 When it was time to begin I heard the buzz (which is the most awful noise in the world.. it really is) and felt my skin buzzing so surely this was it, what are people talking about this isn't sore? what the hell I'm going to get a sleevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv SH*T the needle went in and this wasn't the best feeling in the world, I hated it. Think thousands of bee stings in one place, it really, really wasn't pleasant but after two minutes I was done and on my way, the whole thing, in and out lasted seven minutes.. I know, SEVEN!!!! and I had something on me that would last a lifetime and I love it :)

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