Monday, 7 September 2015

You Can Take The Girl Out Of Tipperary, But You Can't Take The Tipperary Out Of The Girl

So the time has come, and tomorrow is the day I'll be finally leaving my small town in south Tipperary and heading for a slightly bigger town called Carlow.
Carlow is the town where I'll spend the next three years of my life studying media and PR and although I can't wait to pack up and head on my new adventure the thoughts of leaving the premier county really do break my heart.
To top if off, not only am I leaving Tipperary I'm also leaving Munster... LEAVING MUNSTER, I know!! What am I even doing with my life, and as for Carlow, it's known as 'The heart of south Leinster' now if that doesn't break my heart I don't know what will.... I almost feel like I'm betraying Conor Murray but look, I'll survive... maybe!!! (with my Munster flag hanging proud)

Growing up in a small town isn't always ideal, I mean it's not as if you can head off to the cinema when you're bored or stroll around Penney's or New Look on a Saturday morning but there's so much about living in a small town that I love and will miss everyday for the next three years.
Even thinking about not seeing Slievenamon everyday is upsetting me but it got me thinking what else am I going to miss?
So on that note here are the top 11 things I'm going to miss about my little town/Tipperary/ living in Munster. How do people cope not living in Munster??? - It's just weird!?

1. My Dogs - 
My two babies Molly and Mursher. Anyone that knows me knows my obsession with my dogs especially my baby Mursher. Leaving my two doggies behind is breaking my heart and God knows what I'll do without my early morning Mursher cuddles. To be totally honest with you leaving Mursher behind is one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever had to do .. do I really need to leave her?!! Wahhhhh *cries hysterically* 

2. Piggy Weileans - 'Going up Farmer Weileans' has always been one of my favourite places to go and also happens to be one of my all time favourite places in all the land and even though I'll be home every weekend I'll miss my late night strolls up that hill.
 Obviously if you're not from the small town of Carrick On Suir you'll have no idea what in God's name I'm on about but Piggy Weileans, is the farm which is up the hill and upon that hill there stands a gate. At this gate you have the opportunity to look down and see the whole entire town and look, don't even ask why it's just my favourite place on the whole planet.
 I've had hysterical laughs at this gate, tears at this gate, deep conversations at this gate, a heart attack at this gate when I thought Molly was stuck underneath basically a lot happened at this gate and coming up, nice music, looking at the town.. life couldn't be better.
(Paddy, myself and Carrie demonstrate our happiness <--) 

3. Slievenamon - No matter where I am in the country there's no better feeling than when you get close to Tipperary and you see the Slievenamon mountains and immediately know you're home, it's one of my favourite views and can be seen very clear from the town. Not only do the mountains look gorgeous but they're also a weather teller... if the mountain is clear, the weather is looking good for the day, if it's gone, the weather is going to be bad, it's just the way it is.. and now someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do in Carlow to find out the weather?!! Will I just look out the window and that's that?? -How sad.

4. My Mammy - 
It goes without saying I'm going to miss my mammy a ridiculous amount, I mean who's going to do my washing? make my dinner? and pick up the towels when I leave them out after a shower???? 
 It's crazy how much you rely on your parents and now that she's gathering up bits and bobs for me it makes me realise how much I adore her and how I'll be so lost without her.
 #SomeonePleaseBeMyCarlowMammy #NoOffenceRealMammy 

5. Dylan - Eugh Dylan, my older cousin. The one who thinks he's better than everyone and is the biggest pain but is like my older, unwanted, less talented cousin who sorts all my problems for me and annoys me on a daily basis..eugh, who's going to sort my problems for me now??!!

6. Carrick Beg- Carrick Beg is a place I could dedicate an entire post too and I more than likely will do in the future but Carrick Beg is the area I grew up in in Carrick and it's the most amazing place on the planet, even though not many others would see it that way. I adore the place and with the promotion I do on the Beg I should be without a doubt the Queen of the Beg. 
'The Beg' is the place is where the majority of my best friends live, where the majority of my memories are, where Farmer Weileans is, where I spend 96% of my time strolling around, where the woods are, where seskin hill is basically Carrick Beg is the place to be and I can't imagine not being in the Beg everyday.

7. My Friends- 99% of my friends live in Carrick so leaving my friends will break my heart, with my best friends split between Cork, Limerick and Waterford it'll be tough not having them here day in and day out. 
 The last few months taught me a lot about friendship, and what friendship means to me compared to other people and although leaving the town and some people behind is a great thing for me it does break my heart to have to leave some of the most amazing people behind *pass the tissue* 
I've personally learned so much about pushing people too far and hurting friends whilst also being hurt by friends and realising what real friendship is and what wasn't. All part of growing up, but there's no physical way I can deny the fact Carrick holds some of the greatest people you will ever meet.

8. The view from my bedroom/ my home in general: I'll be the first to admit I love my house to bits but the view from my bedroom isn't much to look at for a normal person, but for me... WOW!!!
I am obsessed with the view from my bedroom, with a field a stone throw away I get to look at the horse and a foal prancing around. I can see the woods to my right and I'm obsessed. Something about my room which I love is my curtains, which are completely see through which means I can see the moon shining through at night, there's nothing more perfect, there really isn't.
 Aswell as that my house is usually the gathering spot for myself and my friends and I personally love my house so it's definitely something I'm going to miss.

9. The Soaps: I'm not being funny like but what do I do about the soaps?? first of all I don't know if we have those channels on our TV but what about my housemates?? What if they don't like the soaps and won't let me watch them?? WHAT DO I DO?!!

10. My Old Life: There's no denying that when I arrive in Carlow everything is going to change, I have to become a mature, responsible adult and as a wise boy once told me things are about to change and life is going on, nothing will ever be the same again and oh yes, you guessed it..I'm not to crazy about change but there's no denying I'll never be the same person I am again today.

11. Munster and Conor Murray: And finally we've reached the end of this post and it's the very last thing that I can't accept about moving and that is the fact I no longer live in Munster.
 Born and bread a Munster woman I'm now hitting South Leinster... I know, repulsive!!

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