Monday, 14 September 2015

My Obsession With The Moon ✌

'If the moon's up, I'm up' 

      - Lynda Hennebry. 

Everyone has an obsession with something. An obsession they're born with or an obsession with something they discovered as years passed. Some people are obsessed with dogs, people, nutella others with alcohol, gambling, drugs but for me my obsession grows each and every night and has been with me all my life and that is my love for the moon.

There isn't one reason why I love the moon all I really know is that for as long as I remember I've always had a fascination with the stars/space in general but the one thing that always got me was the moon.
 I mean firstly I think anyone who says they aren't fascinated by the moon are liars but for me it goes way back to when I was a child in the back of my parents car, travelling at night was always the best because the moon would be out tailing the car and no matter what way you'd turned the moon wouldn't stray very far behind. It didn't matter where you were or where you were going I always thought the moon was following my car and as I grew up I never lost that thought, I may have changed it slightly but I never lost it. I forever feel as though no matter what happens in life the moon is watching over me if I'm in Carlow, Tipperary, Spain or Canada that same moon would come out without fail every night and light up the night and I personally think it's the most magical thing we have to cling onto in this world.

No one owns the moon which is yet another reason why I love it so much, Kim Kardashian can't wake up one morning and decide she wants to buy this planet, I mean maybe she can I'm no expert on moon sales but as far as I know it's not for sale and that's the greatest thing about the moon.
 It's a mystery to us all, at night Kim Kardashian looks at that moon, the same moon I look at every night the same moon Justin Bieber looks at the same moon my uncle in Canada looks at, there's no escaping the moon which is equally terrifying and beautiful.
 This is something my grandchildren will look at, my great grandchildren, my great great great grandchildren, Hitler looked at it, I look at it even my deceased father looked at this. It's as though every time you look at the moon you realise you're never alone and makes you realise that life isn't going to last forever and to make the most of it while you have it.. okay, so it makes me feel like that.

To me the moon signifies mystery and the unknown, yes so it's been explored but by very few people, it's not something every Tom, Dick and Harry has the opportunity to do and for 99.9% of us reading we will never experience what the moon has to offer.
When you look at the moon you can be anyone, you can be anywhere you can be that eight year old looking out the back window or a car, a twenty year old student or a distraught loppy seventeen year old when you glance up at that moon you can flash through your decades and decide what person you will be at that moment, it reminds you of what you once were, what you are now and what you hope to be and for me, there's nothing more magical or precious to a person.

I know what you're thinking, this girl has lost the plot, she's a loop!! but my love for the moon is one of the most passionate, loyal things in my life and now you know why.
The reason I wrote this post is to explain to you my love for the moon and to partially explain it to my friends. I get quite a lot of stick for loving the moon, especially since I recently declared that I'll soon be getting a tattoo of the moon so to anyone who doesn't understand why people are obsessed with the moon I hope this has helped you understand why and perhaps allow you to see the magic in the moon.x

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