Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Experience With Mini Golf (And Losing To Carrie)

I've only ever played mini golf once before in my life and that was in Spain as a nine year old so to play a proper round of mini golf was on my bucket list and as of Monday, September 1st that was something I crossed off my list, and I have to say it was one of my summer highlights (the lowest point of my summer was however being beat by my friend Carrie, but you know, whatever.. I was cheated, yep..blah blah)
 Anyway with a spontaneous night to Tramore (the place t'be in the South East, which if you're not familiar with is a small beach town in Co.Waterford) myself and my friends Annmarie, Carrie and our newest recruit Crellin decided to go against each other and play 'a round' of mini golf.
It's at this point I feel like I should inform you that I'm not the best person to be around when I loose, it's not that I'm a sore loser or anything it's just when my so called 'friends' try to add on extra numbers to my scorecard I can get slightly thick but you know, life goes on.

My 'losing streak' aka my friends cheating streak began when we headed into the arcades to have a play on the slot machines, I've always tried to stay away from any kind of addictive gambling games as, you know because of who I am as a person (also, Las Vegas... for my own good, I'll never be there. So never invite me, because I'm weak, and will go... and Vegas...Vegas would destroy me) anyway, after playing on these machines for a good twenty minutes I realized enough was enough and I walked away. This may also be because my purse was empty at this stage but still, I removed myself from the situation when my friend Roisin found the air hockey game.
 This was my game!! - I grew up playing this game in Spain all my life, I didn't want to come across cocky but I had Roisin down and I couldn't wait to beat her. Long story short, she cheated and that's all I have to say about that situation. She, as a matter of fact cheated on the three games of air hockey that we played. To make matters worse on arrival home I stumbled across Roisin's snapchat story where I found this... safe to say I wasn't impressed ---->

From there we came across the crazy golf course and straight away we were on board for a round of golf. I've played golf loads of times, my best friend is practically a pro golfer so I've spent many evenings pucking a ball into ditches (when it gets off the ground of course) so golf for me was nothing new, I could do this and mini golf..piece of cake. Okay so I wasn't going to beat Annmarie, and Crellin was 50/50 but Carrie..surely I could beat Carrie!!
Bring It On...

A game of mini golf is so reasonable at just 3 per person and I would definitely recommend it. For a group of friends looking to have a bit of a laugh or a family looking for fun it's definitely a great place to go, however the course is quite small so you're in and out in half an hour.
 Anyway, long story short I don't want to talk about it...
Now it's at this point I should assure you that I absolutely didn't under any circumstances lose the game of crazy golf, there is no possible way but with a score of '58' (which yes, you guessed they made up) my score was slightly higher than the rest so I came in last.. and when I say last I mean behind Carrie, as in she bet me, as in I'm not impressed...And on that note I'm going to end this blog post about my first experience with mini golf before I remember how much of a cheating shower of friends I have.
I recommend everyone to come play a round of mini golf in Tramore!!
Highlight of my summer: Playing mini golf.
Low point of my summer: Losing to Carrie.

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