Sunday, 30 August 2015

Yes I Know, I'm Now Halfway To 40✌

19 Things In 19 Years
Trust me take it from someone with plenty of experience, being halfway to forty is a bit of a weird feeling... I've been halfway to forty (a third way to sixty as my friend Carrie likes to remind me...daily) for eight days now and it still hasn't sunk in that I'm no longer a teenager. I mean, I'm the height of one, I act like one, I get treated like but I'm not one???? It's a weird age, like take 21... you're officially an adult, nineteen you're still a child (kinda) but 20... it's a bit of an awkward stage alright.
 However although I'm only eight days in, and I do feel ancient I already feel like a new person, I don't know if it's just me or because I'm moving to Carlow in a few weeks but I feel like a new, mature, different person and so far I have to admit that there's been something about turning twenty that I quite enjoy!!- I feel as though it's a fresh new beginning, a turning of a new leaf.

Every year for my birthday my friends and myself always seem to celebrate my birthday for an entire week, it's just what happens and so this year was no different when we began our celebrations Thursday and ended them a week later, and I can truthfully say I think the universe has gone backwards and oh yes I love it.
 However after spending the good part of a week with some of the greatest people on earth I'm beginning to think about how life will be without them by my side everyday and it's beginning to get me down, yes I love feeling like a grown up, and yes I love the fact I'm moving on with my life but there's still a part of me clinging onto my inner seventeen year old... and that's just not something I'm willing to let go of anytime soon.

Thursday night started with a bang as we gathered in my house for the usual pre-drinks. It's safe to say this is where the universe began to spiral backwards however I can truthfully say that Thursday night was one of the best nights of my life, and I'm not even joking!!! - Nothing but fun and games until I was woken up at half nine the following morning and brought to meet my new landlord makeup less and smelling of jager bombs.
Then again we hit the town on Saturday and although I made the rookie mistake of wearing heels it was such a good night. Hitting the disco for one last time with the girls before college was definitely a highlight of the summer..and trust me, you know it's not been a great summer when one of the highlights is going to the disco, but I can't deny it really was the best week, with the best people ...and it's just such a shame to be back to reality this week.

Being back to reality is heartbreaking and although being halfway to forty isn't as bad as I first expected it has hit me like a tonne of bricks but I think I've finally accepted the fact I am twenty and you know what, all is okay!!! - Hear that people?! Me, Lynda Hennebry has accepted she's now practically ancient, and thinks it's OK!! (There's hope for us all)
 When I begin to look back on my twenty years in a small town I can't help but realise I've definitely had some experiences, some which I'm proud of and of course some I'm terribly ashamed of but I feel like part of growing up is being able to look back on your past and accepting what's happened, the good and the bad.

 Growing up is never an easy thing for me, it's always something I've dreaded but for the first time in my life I couldn't be happier to be older and to be leaving so much behind me. I'll be leaving for Carlow in just under two weeks, leaving behind me people who've made me who I am today, some I worship with my life and others who aren't part of my life but at the end of the day all I can do is move on and be grateful because I've had some incredible experiences with some incredible people and I really have been blessed.
 Here's for twenty more years of experiences...(And another twenty after that...and then another 10!!)

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