Sunday, 26 April 2015

Living In Luxury

Glencomeragh Hermitage House

There comes a time in everyones life when you desire to get away, be it a stressful job, exams coming up or just a need to escape from reality Glencomeragh is a place you need to visit. 
Glencomeragh  is located in Co.Waterford and at the very base of the Comeragh mountains, only 3 miles from the village of Kilsheelan, the perfect destination for anyone looking to get away.
Glencomeragh is only a ten minute drive from my house so I pass it on a regular basis but I could never have imaged the beauty and relaxation I'd witness staying in one of the hermitage houses this weekend. 

 For those of you who have never heard of Glencomeragh, it is a 'house of prayer' run by the Rosminians. Glencomeragh welcome people of all religions to come on their own, or as a group to come and meditate, go on retreat, to seek help in times of crisis or to simply take time out of their busy lives.  Glencomeragh offer beautiful gardens to walk around, flowing streams, a labyrinth, and animals. Glencomeragh is aimed at 'renewal and healing of body, mind and spirit.'
'Guests are invited to take time out to reflect on their human and spiritual development. In Glencomeragh, they will find a peaceful setting and encouragement from the Rosminian Community who reside there.'

After weeks of waiting the weekend had arrived where myself and my best friend Annmarie would be leaving our lives behind and spending two nights living in luxury.  
With Annmarie's college exams around the corner and my leaving cert quickly approaching we decided it was the perfect time to get away. No make up, no phone, no wifi, no blogging,no emails, no stress =It was perfection.
 After a personal hectic few weeks I knew it was time I removed myself for a while and I can truthfully say it was the best decision I've ever made and I am extremely sad to be back home right now.
We checked in on Friday evening being welcomed by the lovely Fr.Browne . We were brought to the hermitage house and I can tell you now I was speechless, WOW!!!
A wooden hut perched on the edge of the hill, it was CRAZY!!! 
The three hermitage houses. 
 The whole thing was crazy I couldn't believe it. To get to the houses you have to walk up 78 steps but when you get there, OH MY!!! You can see the whole area, all the gardens, the beautiful mountains. The view from the outside of the house alone was breath taking, getting even better when you go inside.
  The first thing that got me about the houses was the front door, why? - Because it wasn't even a door.
The door was a huge wooden electronic passage, the thickness in the wood made you feel so so safe.
The house itself was very open, very light and airy with very few doors. Everything was open.
There was one bedroom which led to the bathroom and the incredible window, just look at the view from the window. Sitting in that chair, watching the world go by, nothing could have been better.
Walking into the house was an experience by itself and I could just sense that this would be a perfect weekend.

Unfortunately it rained for the good part of Saturday so we couldn't leave the house. I'm the first to admit that staying inside for a whole day is tricky enough for me, but I had never felt so relaxed. There's something about the house that made you feel at peace, not to mention I felt like I was in the sound of music.

At around 3 O'clock the rain cleared up so we decided to head off and explore the surroundings and to play with the ducks (my second favourite animals.. they're too cool) and it was the most amazing thing ever.
Thankfully I had my rain poncho on, which you can clearly see in the photo so I was good to go.
I loved not wearing make up, and not having to worry about dressing up whatever you wore was perfect, sense why I wore that thing walking around the gardens.

I'm the type of person who loves being outside anyway, for me I love being out in the air walking around and taking everything in so I was so relaxed. There was lakes, streams, fountains and even a waterfall.
I was in love, and then it got better.
We suddenly stumbled upon my heaven, a big cage of ducks and hens and doves and roosters, even a peacock I almost died, the excitement took over me and I couldn't breathe. The excitement!!
 I honestly enjoyed the time spent out with the lads. There's nothing better than the quacks of a duck!
Definitely investing in a few ponds when I'm older!! - It's on the bucket list!!
When we came back from the stroll we decided to make dinner as we were self catering. You can go full board but for us self catering was perfect.
The kitchen was fully equipped and you had everything you could ever have wanted.
A microwave, cooker, oven, fridge, freezer everything!!
Saturday evening I went for a walk around the grounds and it's then I really found peace, thinking about other Saturday nights out in town and how relaxed I was really opened my eyes and I was absolutely in my element.
Night times were a tiny bit freaky I'm not going to lie but nothing you couldn't deal with. Come Sunday I was absolutely gutted to be leaving, to tell you the truth I'm only home a couple of hours and I'm wishing I was back in Glencomeragh.

If there's one thing in life I'd recommend to everyone out there is to take time out and get away from your life. Get yourself to Glencomeragh and if not to stay to walk around the beautiful surroundings.
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A huge thanks to the lovely Father Browne for giving us such a lovely weekend, it's something I won't forget for a very, very long time.

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