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Find Your Dream Job: Marketing

June Carmody
Marketing is a career which can confuse a lot of people, me included. Before deciding to repeat my leaving cert to follow a career in media I was heading to college to study marketing and at that I wasn't fully sure what the course entailed. It's on that note I'm very excited to introduce my next guest blogger the lovely June Carmody from, a blog which I'm a huge fan of. I love June's blog and she's very kindly given us her time to speak about her career in marketing and giving us an insight into her profession.

Job Title: Marketing Manager and advisor. I essentially manage communication and work on ways of generating more business.
Description of your job, and the industry itself: I manage marketing for a post start-up stage web-based company called Memeoirs. I co-ordinate online activity including social media and ads plus write copy for blogs, emails, editorial and much more. Essentially, my role is about increasing the visibility of the company I work for. As it's web-based, it has its pros and cons - it is easy to work from anywhere (I work from Ireland and the company is Italian) and promote the company all over the world. On the other hand,  it can be a challenge when you don't have a physical presence such as a shop to showcase such a cool and amazing product.  

Moreover, since my studies, I have worked with over 15 small companies in the area of marketing. Essentially, my role has been to support small (and particularly start-up) companies if they need advice surrounding these areas. My focus is to enable them to execute effective campaigns themselves on low-budgets and offer support when it comes to communicating their message effectively. This work actually took me to Chile in 2013 where I worked with a number of start-ups from all over the world. 

Entry Routes: I have a degree in Linguistics and business however that wasn't super strong in terms of my entry to marketing jobs (marketing/business was my minor) therefore I did two internships following my studies to gain hands on experience. I'd recommend people to get some experience if they can. I made the decision to do an internship (then another) instead of doing a masters and didn't regret it. I haven't been without work since completion of my second internship. The best advice I'd give would be to have goals in terms of what you want from an internship and ensure you can tick those boxes from the one you get accepted for. Get as much from it as the company you're working for. 

 What's a typical day of work like for you: I get up at 6.30/7, spend some time posting to social media. I then go for a run and have breakfast. I start work at 8am as I am most productive in the mornings. I work through until 12 then take a short walk, run some errands and eat lunch. I like to be back to work by 1 so I can finish early and get on with other tasks. I work from home which is a blessing on my time (no commute) and I have some flexibility. From 5.30, I either blog, clean, cook or do something creative to chill me out. 

The best part of the job:I get to be creative, have loads of variation and have the power to really influence another business. Marketing needs to generate results and essentially, affect the bottom line. It's very satisfying to see what you're doing is paying off.
The worst part of the job: At times, it can be pressurised. For the same reason I love it, I can sometimes find it tough. You're constantly doing something, having to come up with ideas and generate decent results. 

What are some of the most important things you need to know about this job?: You need to know how to write. For me, that's number one. I write so much content weekly and that won't ever change so be passionate about it and constantly try to improve. Also, you have to be flexible. There are many facets to marketing so it's important to be able to adapt and take on something new. Technology is constantly changing so be prepared for the "next big thing".

What kind of expectations did you have on this job before you got into it, and did it live up to them?: I didn't really know. I thought I'd be making TV ads for Coca Cola. To be honest, what I do is so much better as I learn everyday and get to try new campaigns. I'm fortunate enough that I am always surrounded by super-creative and innovative people so that helps.

Finally What advice can you give people breaking into the industry?: I would say to keep reading up on the latest marketing campaigns, trends and resources. Know your stuff, develop a passion for it and be sure you like it as it can be testing at times. Above all, be sure to value experience whenever you can get it as you're constantly learning. Be like a sponge.

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