Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The School Drop Out!!

If you've read my previous blog (http://littlepieceoflynda.blogspot.com/2014/08/repeat-2015.html?spref=tw) you'll know about how I was a leaving certer repeater after not receiving the points I needed for my course.. so back I went, reluctantly and had the worst two weeks of my life. 

One of my favourites..
'It couldn't have been that bad??' you might have thought? - Oh but it was, picture the worst you could possibly imagine, now multiply that by forty and cover it in brussel sprouts and that's how bad it was. Not one bit of an exaggeration!! 
Nothing against the girls in the year, who the majority are lovely and even the work wasn't that bad it's just very, VERY hard. Trying to break into a group of girls who have been together for years is ridiculously tough, tougher than you could imagine..especially coming from a year where we were all sisters, one big massive family. I went back with two of my friends, who to be honest I wouldn't of ever stuck out the two weeks without them..especially with Moore sending me on motivational quotes every second day..
The first day back was awful, I sat there on numerous occasions just waiting to burst into tears, the place just wasn't the same and I think I can speak for all of us when I say, we were so out of place..second day, was the same.. yeah same with the third and well yes, you guessed it same for the next two weeks, however I did start making friends, and there is such a lovely bunch of girls in that year, that I'll actually be sad leaving, and after only two weeks.
Myself and the other two repeats mainly stuck together, and thinking back there was some humorous times...embarrassing but none the less humorous!!
Lunch times were easily the worst, okay we never reached the Cady Herring eating lunch in the bathroom stage...
Mean girls...

however, I'd say we came close a few times!
We used to go out every lunch, just walking up to the Esso, penniless but none the less of we'd go! ...one lunch time we proceeded to go outside and sit on the bench only to be intimated by first years... but then we reached it. An alltime low point for the three of us. 
1 O'clock came and the usual 'where do we go today' occurred, but this day we decided to go out for a walk which ended up with the three of us 'loners' sitting on a bus stop up from the school eating our lunch.. yes. You now understand how low we stooped. We were only blessed that the weather was nice.
My second issue was that I felt like I was old enough to be some of these girls mothers, okay I know that's not exactly logical at nineteen but honestly I heard one day saying she was born in 1998, Christ above I was going to playschool in 1998.. 
So after plenty of tears, and tantrums I decided I had no choice but to leave the school, it wasn't an easy decision as I felt like I was leaving the girls alone and not to mention I was sure there would be some fun along the lines with my new friends but for my own sake I had to leave.
 I am still going to study for my leaving cert and repeat it in June, except this time I will be teaching myself.... wish me luck. 
I'm not giving up on my UL Rag Week 2015 dream that easy..
 and anyways.. least I always have the support of my family... *sarcasm*
My not so little baby cousin. Great support.

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