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Coia Dahill Interview

I'm always on the lookout for successful, ambitious hardworking women and those three words fit the exact description of my latest  interviewee Coia Dahill.
For those of you who haven't heard of  'Coia Styles' - she is a freelance, mobile hairstylist and makeup artist located in the town of Clonmel in Tipperary. As well as this, Coia is a fashionista with the most incredible wardrobe in the South East.
She also writes her own blog where she shares all her reviews and beauty tips. A must read.
Her quirky style, along with her ambition and passion has led this 22 year old into huge success. Nothing can stop this lady as she goes from strength to strength.

I first encountered Coia when she beautified a friend for her eighteenth birthday, the first thing that caught me about her was her style, WOW!!! Next, her make up kit.. DOUBLE WOW!!!
I had Coia booked for my Debs so I watched carefully, and as peculiar as I am when it comes to hair and make up... I was impressed.

I couldn't wait to catch up with Coia and find out more about her and her success.

Coia's transport.
''I've always loved hair from a young age. I was always cutting my barbies hair and often took the scissors to my own hair when I was younger.
I have been experimenting with colouring my hair since before I made my confirmation.
As for makeup, I always loved makeup, I was definitely interested in it but didn't know everything about it.
My love for makeup has blossomed since I did my course this year, now I know everything I need to know, I have way more confidence''
From my own knowledge, I understand that this career is based on practical as opposed to theory. Coia, like many started at the basics and worked her way up.
''I started training in a hair salon while I was still in school and I feel like that's the best thing to do as you get hands on experience and after I finished my apprenticeship I did my City and Guilds part time (every Monday for nine months) to get my papers. Regarding makeup, I did a ten week course and also did additional classes and courses with the likes of urban decay, Laura Mercier and Tara O' Farrell.                                     If you have an interest in something I always think you pick it up quickly'' 
I know myself from watching my friends there's been a huge increase in the interest in hair and beauty, so I asked Coia what's the best advice she can give people that are actually interested in this industry.
''I think the best experience is hands on, so go on and do it if you can. Get an apprenticeship, do courses, learn things from interest, practise on your friends and family. If you are eager to learn it won't go unnoticed''
Hair and Makeup by Coia
If there's one thing about Coia that shocked me it's her make up kit. Honestly, it's a must see. She comes along with a few bits and a trolley..  you think to yourself 'Jesus that's big' then she opens it.. and there's another layer, then another and then six more and it's wow!!!!
From the naked palette 2, to every real technique brush you could dream about Coia has them all..
But what's the most important beauty products in that box??..
''Moisturiser! I can't understand how some people don't need to moisturise. I hate it when my skin feels dry.Foundation, since having some skin problems lately I always wear it. My eyebrow palette for filing in my brows, I'm obsessed with filling in my brows!!     For a hair product I would have to say Revlon Uniq one spray, it's like a leave in treatment and you can spray it on your hair when it's wet and dry it, so quick and easy, I love it.
 I admire anyone who has the initiative to set up their own business, especially if it's because they wanted to do it their own way and that's exactly what she did..
''I was unhappy where I was working so I started saving up to get things I needed to start up my mobile hairdressing business, and then the day came for me to hand in my notice and the rest is history. Most of my clients came with me and I have met so many new clients since''
Hair by Coia.
I had to ask what Coia would give women, like myself  hoping to set up their own business?
''To be 100% sure that you are able for it, it can be stressful.                                                Be prepared to work hard, you don't get to clock off at 6 o'clock every night, there are things like paperwork and replying to clients to do when you stop physically doing hair.   And to be happy, if you love what you do it will shine through!''
It's almost one year on since 'Coia Styles' was established, but was it always the dream?
Hair and makeup by Coia.
''I definitely always wanted to work for myself. I'm very strong minded and opinionated and it's hard to work for someone else when you don't like how they are running things.    I would definitely love to open a salon one day, but not a normal salon something totally different!.. Watch this space ;-)''

There must be some secret?... how did she actually get where she is today?
'I worked really hard, never gave up!                                  Even when I was left go from my apprenticeship at 19 I went and did my City and Guilds and after that started work in another salon, where nothing you did was ever good enough but instead of letting it bring me down it pushed me even further to start my own business and here I am one year one, the best decision I ever made''
 Teenage girls.. what are we like?!
I asked Coia what's the best advice she can give us and quite simply...
''Teenagers, it's hard being a teenager and girls can be so mean! But just try stay true to yourself, don't let negative comments or people change who you are, stick to your guns and you'll be happier in the long run.                                                                                     The best advice I think is to never get complacent, never sit back and say I know it all now I'm fine. Never settle, always strive to learn more and do better than yesterday''
Style Queen!!!!
Like I've mentioned on numerous occasions Coia's fashion sense gets to me, and basically.. I want Coia to dress me, everyday.
''My style secrets? I don't have any to be honest. I just wear what I want, if I think something looks cool I'll wear it. I'm lucky that I'm not bothered with negative opinions so it doesn't affect me with what I wear! The quirkier the better as far as I'm concerned''
 Finally, before I leave Coia go I had to ask if she ever expected to be going this strong a year on? How has her life changed from this time last year?
''I didn't expect for it to go this well, considering I had never even planned on becoming  a makeup artist, and now I have my own blog, a good following on Facebook and planning to start  YouTube tutorials! My party night is sold out, I never expected it to be that popular! I can't wait to celebrate with everyone.
 Coia is easily one of the most talented, inspiring women I've ever met and such a pleasure to be around. She even experienced my pre-debs break down and didn't run for the hills.
Be sure to check out her website/blog 
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