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5th May 2012.

It was during the Rugby World Cup and I had just started in Transition Year in school. I decided that my mission of Transition Year (TY) would be to meet Conor Murray himself!!
I told everyone I mean EVERYONE!! Even all the teachers knew about Conor Murray the rugby player at this stage!! I told everyone I was going to meet yer man Murray from the Munster rugby team and got the usual 'Alright Lynda' 'The international rugby player good luck with that' but I made it my mission and on the 5th of May 2012 4:18pm my mission was complete.

As embarrassing as this story is, I've decided to reveal it to you all and I'm prepared to be grilled over it, but here goes, keeping in mind however I was sixteen, so I'm aloud to be foolish!!
My weekend began like any other weekend, except it was a Friday, and I had the day off school AND it was 7am and I was up dancing around like a loony!! but this was it!! Once I got on that 1.20 bus to Limerick I'd be on my way to seeing Conor Murray!!
I can't actually say I slept that Friday night in Limerick, but from 5am on the Saturday morning I was up!! bouncing on the bed! Singing songs already on my sixth bottle of luco before 9am, but this was it!!
At around ten to two myself, mam and my friend Haleigh (God love them they really didn't know what they were getting themselves in for) made our way down to the lobby of the hotel, Jesus!! It was fantastic! The bar was empty, the lounge was free everything was quiet I'd easily get a glimpse of Murray.Two seconds later a gang of four arrived and sat beside us!! Now I didn't like this!! Didn't like this one bit!!!
Four plus three is seven!! So now there was seven!! Sevens a bit of an odd figure I didn't like seven,but suddenly I heard the name Conor Murray being mentioned and from there we all befriended each other, that was it and the wait continued...

At approximately 2.30 the trauma began when Haleigh hit me saying 'Who's that!! Who's that!!' - Peter O'Mahony!! Now this was where the nerves went!! I'd never been so unrestrained near a rugby player IN MY LIFE!!!
 I'd been to one match in Musgrave! and even at that I was up in the sky so that didn't count but I'd like to think I handled myself quite well.....apart from the mere panic attack I was grand...

And I had met my first ever Munster Rugby.

So we continue....
We went on and on, with the likes of Donncha O'Callaghan .. who got stuck in the door, but that's another story! We even have past Munster legends like Leimi Mafi and Tomas O'Leary!! (Who at the time I didn't really like because yano.. you can only back one Scrum Half) but anyway it goes on and on, until the media manager arrived. A sound, sound, sound man who we got chatting too!!
I showed him my banner...

It was going fantastic, until he said 'Well Conor Murray's a Limerick lad he might not be coming here' well talk about deflation!! The only way I can begin to describe that feeling is thinking you have a bottle of orange luco, taking a sip to realise it's water!! A vile, sickening, heart aching moment!! 
Considering my lack of emotional control I handled the situation quite well!! especially the fact he said MIGHT NOT!! See them small words... I like them small words!!! but at least we get to go to watch the match in Thomond that was the main thing!! 
Just as my deflation began to hit rock bottom along comes Simon Zebo....
It was at that stage that I finally accepted the fact Murray was not coming!! 

4.18 pm. I looked over to the door and saw none other than Mike Sherry and Declan Cusack, Yes!! Murray's housemates I shouted 'YES'!!! Turned my head for two seconds looked back and who is it? Conor Murray walking in the door!!! - Yano that moment when everything in your whole life is incredibly amazingly perfect and you love everyone and everything even maths for that split second!! I had that!!!!
 So I jumped up!!! Ran the opposite way!! WHY??? I do not know....I ran back to see Conor, Mike and Declan walking away.. what do you do? as a normal human being I sprint after them only to realise they went in another door.
 Well that was that so, I sat down in my chair feeling fairly cats!! - basically realising I just missed my chance at seeing Conor Murray... 
Then suddenly!!!!Anglea (My newly befriended friend said 'Look down there' and as I looked up I saw Conor Murray walking towards me...Dressed all in navy the only thing I could notice was the height!! Jesus the man was lanky, perfect but lanky!!

And so it begins....

I fell of my chair with the shock!! I couldn't stand up, thank God I'd Haleigh there to pull me up and as Conor approached she said 'Conor can she get a picture with you, she loves you' Suttle I know...and his reply 'Of course, no problem!' smiling. I couldn't stand... the legs were gone!! - The shakes appeared, now I'm not one to shake!! but Jesus Christ!!!! I was like a kitten on a cold day!!!!! 

So try get this image into your head!! Me!! in a posh Limerick hotel, after falling off a chair, kicking a table, shouting running around shaking like a leaf!! If I was in charge of the hotel I'd be after calling the guards!!!
Shaking so much so Conor even notice, first thing he said..
''Will ya stop shaking you're making me nervous'' until realising I was getting myself into a serious state and the use of a defibrillator may soon be needed.
He then started rubbing my back.... yes Murray rubbing my back saying and I quote..
''Are you okay? C'mon now relax. Calm down you're okay!.
 I can feel you shaking will you relax''
I was in shock!! I couldn't talk, all I could blurt out was 'Dya know the banner on twitter thats me'..literally all I could manage to say!!! 
When I finally controlled myself to get a picture, note I didn't stop shaking just caught my breath.  I can't even look at the pictures. This is the best!!..
NOW!!! That is saying alot!!!!
My first ever pic with Conor Murray...Great.
And he wonders why I need a new pic every time!!!

When it was Haleigh's turn to get the picture she handed me the camera when Conor blurted out..
''She won't be able to take a picture'' (Laughing) -And how right he was!!! 
He then turns to my mother who happened to be having a laughing fit in the corner and said ..
''She's shaking out look'' - so I just sat down, I fell into my chair curled up in a ball and just sat there... whilst he signed autographs for other people, looking down at me saying to the lads 'Is she okay?' and then off he went for food.

Conor Murray Part 2..

So by the time Conor came back out I decided I'd get him to sign the banner!! 
Now the banner.... the banner is 6 foot 2 which  I ordered online saying 
Asking Murray to sign it was probably the least of my embarrassment!That's saying alot because it's very embarrassing. He opened it and and his very words were..
''Jesus the size of it'' - The same thing every other person who ever witnessed this thing had said!!! 
but off I went telling Conor about how I was at my first ever rugby match in Cork and how my cousin slagged me off for having the banner and said I was 'Achieving nothing!!' Except I couldn't actually bring myself to explain that it's what my cousin said to me so all I could tell Conor was 'you're achieving nothing! You're achieving nothing' .. I'm a lovely person, I swear.
At then if things weren't embarrassing enough when Conor picked up the marker to sign it I replied with the statement - ''I've great taste in markers' .. yes!! markers!!! flipping markers!!!!!!!
My signed banner..yes I did get him to use a red marker.
ANYWAY!!!! basically cutting a VERY VERY VERY long story short!! Conor Murray is an absolute hero!!!!!! They always say you should never meet your heroes you'll only be disappointed!!! Complete BULL!!!!!!
I was the happiest girl IN THE WORLD!!!
SO, as if the day wasn't good enough!!It was my first ever time in Thomond Park, to watch Munster play Ulster and guess what!! Munster won!! 36-8
and who was Man Of The Match?? MURRAY!!!! - The cherry on top of what was a perfect day!!!
What made it all the best?? Apart from the amount of people I can make jealous!! The fact I followed through and made a dream come true for myself!!
And of course, still love Murray to this day! Even if he cut all his lovely hair off and I've to now share him with the rest of Ireland!!

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