Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Me, Myself And Depression

To the outside world everything was great, I was the smiling bubbly blonde who was getting attention,  working out everyday, really changing my life around. Instead of my old pouty pictures, everyday would see me portraying the image of a bubbly blonde who goes out all the time through beaming smiling selfies whereas in reality, I was absolutely miserable.
To really get the whole picture I have to take you back to March 2018 when I strongly believed my life was changing for the best and I thought I could have it all. Back in March I would work out 6 days a week, I was constantly on the go, I had just bought my own car and to top it off I had just scored my dream job. Of course I was devastated to be leaving my old job, it was stability and routine. Not to mention I got to work with my friends everyday but this in my eyes was an adventure and I didn't think life could get any better. I was the happiest I had been in years.
It wasn't long before I realised this new job wasn't what I dreamt it would be and I was slowly crumbling to pieces. If you have ever worked in a toxic environment you'll know what it feels like and if you haven't, then count yourself lucky and I hope you never do. 
I would wake up at 6am every morning and cry for half an hour before plastering myself in makeup and putting on the biggest fakest smile all day. I'd hold back the tears from 9-6 and then each and every day I'd have to pull in the car on the way home and cry again. 
I would drive past my old workplace and have to hold in the tears, I gave up such a great job to be miserable everyday. Yes I was on double the money and yes this job was helping my career but if there's one piece of advice I can give anyone reading this it's that 'the grass isn't always greener and your mental health needs to come first' 
What was so bad about the place you might ask? well, when you go into a workplace daily and get cut down and bullied it's not long before enough's enough and you have to make the decision between your own mental health and staying employed. What I did learn though is - don't report bullying in the workplace because you'll become unemployed and trust me that's not something you want to be. 

The first week of unemployment was great, I had enough savings to keep me going and for the first time in months I was smiling again but as days turned into weeks, bills still to pay and with no job under my belt I had to choice but to do the one thing I never wanted to do, sign on social welfare. I would never belittle anyone who is on welfare once they are looking and available to work, it has to be done but for me at 22, this was not what I had in mind. I was getting €107 a week and with a €60 car loan as well as other bills hanging over my head my life changed drastically and I had approx €15 weekly to spend on myself and food for the week.

Two weeks on, towards the end of July is when the - I don't want to say depression but the 'sadness' really started hitting home. There's no bones about it I was poor. I couldn't afford my gym membership, my car tax or my glasses that I had been paying in on all along but worst of all my Insomnia came back. 
I had suffered with Insomnia during my leaving cert about five years ago and it was the one thing I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Each and every night I would go to bed around 11pm and 5am I would still be lying there wide awake. WHY ME!!! Why can't I find a job, Why can't I sleep, Why can't I just be happy??!! 

It wasn't long before the insomnia took it's toll and I started getting sicker and sicker with itchy red rashes breaking out all over my body. Going to see a doctor was no option with his €50 fee before you even walk in the door but It constantly felt like something was eating my body and with that I started eating more and more and gained weight. 
 'I think I hate my life' - An opening to one of Avicii's songs would constantly go around in my head like a record and it's only then I realised I couldn't fight it anymore and I was depressed. 

The thing about depression is people don't realise that you are depressed until you tell them and even at that sometimes they don't believe you 'ah you're not, it's just a hard time'. No, let me tell you right now there's a difference between depressed and 'being sad' and that’s something people struggle to accept. I had never struggled with my mental health before and I never thought I would but after going through everything I truthfully believe there’s nothing more important than it.

I started writing this post way back in the summer but refused to post it until I was back on my feet and 100% happy, my blog has never been a place for negativity so instead of writing this as a sad story it’s my comeback story and I’m delighted to say everything worked out and I couldn’t be happier. In September my old job gave me another chance and there hasn’t been one day where I’ve woken up and dreaded going to work.
I wake up smiling everyday. I’m back to where I belong with amazing supportive people, a job I like and financial stability and I believe sometimes things have to happen in order for you to see how good you have it and to make you appreciate the things you do have, especially a strong mental health.

Do I want to name and shame? Absolutely but is it worth a second thought? Definitely not. It’s a part of my life I don’t want to think about but I don’t regret it for one second. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been, I’m happy, I’m content and I’m a stronger person. For anyone out there who’s in a bad place mentally trust me it does get better, if you’re in a job you hate or you’re being bullied the GET OUT!! life is too short to feel like this and there’s something else out there. Everything gets better even though you might not think it will.
Please look out for your own mental health and do the same for your friends because I never realised how important it actually is. Yes I was depressed but I’m strong, I got through it and you can do it too!!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

One Bad Choice

It started on a Sunday morning a few of weeks ago, I was out walking with my dog Mursher and suddenly my mind frame changed. I kept getting this thought in my head - ''there's people waking up right now whose lives have changed forever and they have no idea' -  Now where this came from I couldn't tell you but I could not get it out of my mind and it was driving me insane. 
 Usually when I'm out walking I think of the same things, things like 'christ Murhser if you pull me one more time I'm letting you go' or 'what song will I put on to get me up this hill' but this morning for some reason my brain was working overtime and I didn't like it. 
I decided against going out the night before and I won't lie it felt great waking up fresh on a Sunday. No cuts or bruises, no drunk message and to top it off no fear but this is what I believe stirred me on and I started thinking about what happens on nights out and more importantly the consequences we're left to deal with.

''Someone's waking up happy after getting that hunks number, someone is waking up laughing about all the embarrassing dancing they did last night, someone is waking up happy to be alive after the amount of tequila they drank but on the other side there's someone who is waking up heartbroken, someones waking up single, someones waking up absolutely mortified and someones in tears'' and it's all because of one decision that they have made, one little decision that has now changed their life forever and the worst part? We did it to ourselves. 
  Now I'm not trying to sound dramatic or anything but with that going through my mind, Murhser running freely through the streets of Carrick and one of my earphones falling out I got completely flustered and by the time I arrived home at 11am on a Sunday morning I felt like I needed a drink, a strong one at that but in the back of my mind I kept thinking 'make good decisions' and it's with that phrase this story begins. 

I have a habit of making bad decisions, have done all my life. Hence where the nickname of 'trouble' came from but just as all of this was coming to the front line I came across a series on Netflix called 'One Bad Choice' Now call it a lesson or a blessing that this show came into my life because it's then I realised how the decisions we make, us ourselves, no one else impact our lives and in fact our future so it's vitally important we realise this and try, to the best of our ability to make choices that are going to stand to us and not tear us down. 
If you watch 'One bad choice' on Netflix you'll see that the choices these people make are extreme, I've thankfully never delved into the world of drugs, prostitution or money laundering but one bad decision has left these people with a lifetime of guilt, imprisonment and even death but although our consequences may not be as extreme you can make a decision as life changing as someone going to jail for the rest of their lives.
After a recent night out I quickly realised I f*cked up..big time and I hated myself for it, honestly still not 100% over it but it took me sitting down and realising that it was my own fault, that I made these decisions that have consequences and yes it was fuelled by alcohol but the question you have to ask yourself at the end of the day is 
' Do you accept responsibility for your actions' 
It isn't easy, trust me I know but the moral of this story and what I am trying to get across is to be aware with the choices you make because they will affect the rest of your life. Be smart, accept the things you can't change and always make good choices. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Best Of Instagrams Fitspo

              Hey Everyone :) 
So as a lot of you know I recently started a fitness journey and got really interested in working out & nutrition. It's taken me months and months but I'm happy to say I'm finally noticing a difference and it's the best feeling ever but I'm also the first to admit I'm struggling with the motivation the last two weeks. Between this amazing weather and Thirsty Thursdays I've slacked big time and I'm desperate to get back on track and that's where Instagram becomes my best friend. 

Instagram is hands down my favourite social media app and I'm constantly scrolling through miles and miles of content daily (on both my blog account @littlepieceoflyndablog and my personal account @henners_l) so it's safe to say I follow some amazing accounts, in particular fitness/nutrition related accounts and they're the ones I'm going to talk about today. I can't talk about all the ones I follow so I'm just going to pick out my top 10 accounts that inspire me and make me want to get up off my arse and get a workout done. I hope they help you as much as they help me!! 

 Katie Crewe - @katiecrewe 
I first came across Katie on Womens Best Instagram account when they had posted a workout video and I was amazed by her, I couldn't get over how stunning she was and that bod...WOW!! So I followed her personal account and she's quickly become my instagram creep go to. If you want quick workout ideas then she's your gal!!  

 Danielle Keaney - @dkeaneyfitness 
A personal trainer and lifestyle coach Danielle has given me so much inspiration over the past few weeks and I swear there's no girl that makes working out seem so much fun. Danielle shares her daily workouts through her instagram/facebook account and the ideas you can take from watching her workouts will inspire you to get your arse in gear! I swear if you do anything today it's follow this girl, her body will give you serious envy though you've been warned!! 

Mai Kenneally - @maikenneally 
I'm not being biased when I say the strength and determination of my best friend Mai is truly inspirational and I can't express how much I love this girl. If, and when you follow her account you'll be blown away by her photos, her off season prep, her prep in general, her quotes and her amazing vlog. Mark my words when I say this girl is going FARRR!!!!  

Leanne Moore - @leannemoorefitness  
Let's get one thing straight if Leanne Moore told me to jump I'd say 'how high' I love this girls account and she is serious fitspo. Co Owner at Go Gym. Limerick gal Leanne always shares her workouts and food and is defo an account to follow if you're looking for some get up and go. 
Brian Keane - @brian_keane_fitness 
I've gotten some of the best fitness tips & advice that I know from listening to Brians podcasts and watching his instagram story and from a lads perspective of fitness he genuinely covers everything and allows people to ask him questions which I love. ANDDDD... whether you're into your fitness or not I'd give him a follow if I were you! Serious hottie!! 

Maryn- @im_fixing_me 
I LOVE this girl! I came across Maryn before I had even started my own weight loss journey and was just so inspired by her and her story. I followed her account and sent her a message to which she gave me such great, lovely advice and to this day I'm fixing me is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram. If you're like me and need a little bit of inspo then I really recommend giving her a follow and watching her progress. An amazing woman! 

Iskra Lawrence - @everybodywithiskra @iskra
I couldn't make this list without including the amazing Iskra Lawrence!! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know about my love for Iskra after interviewing her a few years back ( you can check that out here) but if you're on the lookout for self love, inspiration, realness and motivation then you simply cannot pass Iskra Lawrence. 

Peter O Halloran- @ppt_fitness 
Peter, a fellow Tipp person ( I know lucky for us) is serious motivation!! I absolutely love watching his insta stories and following his clients progress and if you're determined to get into shape but struggling to find motivation I would seriously recommend checking out  PPT Fitness. 

Shannon Decker-  @shannonshape 
No matter what show ever came on E! I would watch it, so a few years back when a new programme called 'Hollywood Cycle' started I, of course was glued to it and loved this girl called Shannon. Years on, I still love the LA based PT and her insta account gives me serious motivation on a daily basis. From her clients workouts to her own Shannon is seriously strong, fit and genuinely gives you body goals. 

Bill Walsh - @billybubwalsh
Last but certainly not least is a man I simply couldn't leave off this list, Carrick's very own Bill Walsh. Bill is now an online personal trainer based in London and is hands down the most motivating person I have ever followed. From his free downloads to his support groups Bill is covering it all and the whole town of Carrick is behind him 100% !! If you haven't already get following this legend!!! 

And there you have it, ten instagram accounts that motivate me every single day. The people listed are seriously inspirational and of course there's so many others that I didn't get the chance to talk about, there's also the likes of the 'never gonna happen but still body goals' accounts like Khloe Kardashian and Holly Hagan but once you're healthy and happy then it doesn't matter what you look like, once you're happy. 
Talk soon,
Lynda Xx  

Thursday, 14 June 2018

My Fitness Journey

Makeup Free Gym Selfie 
“Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching your goal” 

I'd just like to start off this post by saying  I am by no means an expert in this field nor do I know basically anything about fitness or weight loss but after posting a little transformation picture on my Instagram account Wednesday night I got bombarded with messages and questions about my weight loss so I decided to write a little blog post talking about what I do, and I'm by no means saying that this is the right way to do things, but it works for me and it might work for you too.

Like most girls out there I've struggled with my weight for years and honestly didn't think I had enough willpower to do anything about it, all I knew was I wanted a 'fitness journey' and not a 'weight loss story' because my overall aim is to change my lifestyle and not just by body shape but I'll be the first to admit I didn't always go the right way about it.
 I looked at girls like Gigi Hadid whose body shape I will never resemble and thought the only way I can achieve that is through limited food and lots of cardio whereas in reality I have hips and boobs so that shape will never be me and I'm absolutely fine with that but it's taken time to appreciate my own body shape and as for my hips...well don't get me started on them but I'm getting there *eye roll emoji*

It was back in early March that I really started taking everything serious and began my own 'fitness journey' but it didn't start the right way. I had bought this weight loss shake online and religiously drank it twice a day whilst eating very little food on top of that.
 Two weeks into my shakes my manager at the time saw how sick I was getting (I literally had the shakes) and sent me home from work and that was the moment of realisation for me, I knew these shakes weren't going to be a long term solution for me so it was going to have to be a long road of healthy eating and exercise ...YAWN!! I know, but believe me it works!!
 At the time my manager was my God send and I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to her, after previously starting her own fitness journey she gave me so much advice and passed on some amazing knowledge about fitness and food that I still swear by today! When starting your own fitness plan I think it's always a great idea to ask someone what they do or what advice they can give you and although everyone is different it's always nice to get ideas and then adjust them to your lifestyle and to what will suit you but it's going to be a lot of trial and error until you find something that's perfect for you.
Before                                    After
Getting fit came with time, I started off by walking my dog every evening and made sure to get in as many hills as I could, then I started jogging 30 seconds at a time on a flat road and before long my favourite way to relax was to go for a run in the evening...I'm still in shock at that let me tell you. I then started going to spinning classes with friends from work and that just kick started my obsession with exercising and fitness so joined the gym with my best friend Karen.
 For anyone with a low enough fitness level joining a gym is always daunting, you get it into your head that people are going to judge you but in reality no one gives a shit about what you're doing, everyone is there for the same reason and is dedicated to  their own workouts so honestly just go up there and do your own thing. That being said I love having a gym partner there to cheer you on - unless the gym hunk doesn't show up so you take it handy and take selfies.... don't judge it was only the once ;)
  Cardio roughly makes up about 40% of our weekly workouts, 50% on circuits and then 10% on weights but we always follow a plan and I think no matter what you do whether it's at home or a gym, plan your workout. It will honestly make a world of difference to you in the long run. I try get to the gym 4 times a week and get out walking every evening and a few home workouts when I can but for me now I'm focusing on losing more weight, maintaining my curves and growing the booty.
 Food wise, I can't really help there because I just try get as much veg in as I can and not eat shit. It's a lot of chicken and turkey which suits me down to the ground but I never starve myself and treat myself every weekend. It's all about that balance.

So there you have it my own little fitness journey, I don't know if I was much help to anyone but it's a process and I still have a long way to go but what I've learned is you can do 100% cardio, eat nothing but rabbit food, get skinny in a few months or you can balance out your workouts, eat sensibly and get yourself an amazing figure but it may take years and I know if you put the work in you'll achieve results but it's all about balance and consistency .
Good luck with it x

Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Famous Disco Of Carrick On Suir

Can I ask you a question?
When you think of a 'disco' what comes into your head? For some people it's what thirteen/fourteen years old go to to get their first shift, for others it's what their uncool parents call nightclubs but for the locals of Carrick On Suir the disco is our one and only nightclub and guess really is called the Disco. 

'You goin disco' a phrase you'll hear at least forty seven times during a Saturday night out in Carrick and realistically if you're over the age of 15 and under the age of 25 then the disco is your only port of call past 1am on a Saturday night.With the €10 entry fee,sticky floors and part creché it's easy to see why the majority of us say 'na not goin disco tonight lads' yet like a magnet you feel yourself being pulled in that direction until the next thing you know it's 1.45am and you're bopping around to maniac promising yourself 'I'm not going next week' and spending a ridiculous amount on shots because you're simply 'not drunk enough'.
For me nowhere beats The Foundry in Carlow or Langtons in Kilkenny it's just another world from the Disco. I personally love electric dance, house music and it's in these clubs you really get the chance to go to town with those dance move and let yourself go. The dance floor is so big, you don't know every person there and the best part? You don't know the dj's playlist. Drink is cheaper, people are friendlier and it's dirt cheap to get in so why even stay in Carrick?? Surely it's a no brainer? 

It's almost been a month since I last hit up the disco and with the bank holiday quickly catching up with us there's a well overdue trip to Utopia (the official name but honestly if you call it anything other than the disco no Carrick person will know what you're on about) 
I'm in the small minority of people who love, actually love the Disco and the little things that go with it. There's a right of passage every Carrick family will go through when it comes to the disco and that is when the new youngest of the family flag their way into the disco. Four years ago when I was in my early stages of the disco I met my older cousins Mark and Declan out and to their disgust their baby cousin has made it to the disco and that was them done with the disco 'Big whop de do' I thought to myself, drama queens...that was until a few months ago when I met my baby cousin Lee in the disco and suddenly 'that's that then, done with the disco' of course that quickly changed when I realised it was half 12 and my Saturday night was over but a right of way for every family nonetheless. 

Be it a good or a bad thing about the place too is everybody knows everybody so those seats over don't sit there! That lad coming over there...walk away! You're guaranteed to catch up with old friends and thankfully with the place being as small as it is you're never lost from your buddies for too long...But the best, and I mean THE BEST part of going to the disco is having the DJ know you so well that you only have to walk up to him and Sex On Fire is coming on..LEGEND!! 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Catching Up With - LOUISE DA COSTA

It's crazy to think it's been three years since I first came across Louise Da Costa in a Carlow nightclub, it was the first time I ever saw a DJ performing and putting on a show opposed to just standing there pressing buttons and I was inspired so much so much by this woman. A 24 year old Derry girl with a degree in History was quickly becoming Ireland's number 1 female DJ and years on she's become a household name not only in Ireland but around the globe. 
 I featured Louise (or as I call her the queen) on my blog wayyy back in 2015, which you can check out here ... but now that so much time has passed and with so much success under her belt I decided it was the perfect time to catch up with the woman who inspires me daily & who I'd now consider a friend, the one and only Louise Da Costa.

So Louise, since we last caught up in 2015 what has been going, what's changed for you?
''Hey Lynda, great chatting to you again! Lots gone on over last few years! I've been touring flat out nationally & internationally, back out to Asia and middle east and lots of European dates coming up this year too. I've been living between my suitcase and the studio [laughs].  Releasing lots of new muses and have even had a couple of No1s on Beatport etc as well as some commercial chart success on iTunes.
I'm also delighted to have joined the team at award winning Irish record label Full Tilt as head of A&R. Its been a wee bit of a whirlwind!''

You've blown up the Irish radio recently, how does it feel when you hear your music coming on the radio? ''The love from Irish radio & DJs has been truly incredible! Obviously without all the support the music wouldn't get too far so it means a lot for people to get behind it,  from radio stations, to fans requesting  to the DJs championing it! 
Massive respect too all the DJs & stations for pushing  music from myself as well as the label & supporting home grown artists.
There's been a lot of international interest also from Europe, Asia, UK, Middle East & beyond. Most recently in Scandinavia where one of my releases has been featured in fitness albums & programmes. Obviously its a real buzz when you're heading to a show or in the gym & you hear your music come on the radio! Cant imagine the novelty wearing off any time soon!''

When we last spoke you said you never plan a set list you just feed by the crowd is this something you still do or have you found a new technique? ''Hahah, no change there Lynda! Still winging it in that respect! Obviously I'm researching new music on a daily basis and making my own edits etc to play out  so I'm well prepared. Unfortunately a lot of DJs seem to just come along with pre- programmed sets and pretend to do something. But personally just that I don't think you can plan for an atmosphere. I feel you have to be able to react to the vibe & change things about to keep people interested and involved in every tune.
Playing off the cuff & to the crowd is what has worked for me & thankfully still does.''

You're head of A&R at Full Tilt who's worked with the legendary Alan Fitzpatrick and John Gibbons, how is that going for you? ''Absolutely loving it! We've a fantastic team at the label & one of the best studios in the country & a world class engineer in Tommy Conway! Its tremendous fun & has been a great success so far with hit after hit in the charts. I  love been involved in the sourcing and development of new talent... It keeps the ideas fresh & every day you're interacting with different artists & learning something new. Also love the fact that we're able to get behind Irish acts & push home grown talent!'' 

If someone wants to be signed by you and your label what should they do? ''Firstly get in touch! I can't stress that enough! Reach out, get involved, even if you're productions aren't there yet its worth getting in contact.  As an accredited education centre we offer a range of production courses & services, so even if you don't get signed you may learn something useful. In terms of artists & music however, we're looking for all kinds of talent from DJs/Producers into House, Techno, Progressive etc as well as singers of all styles! So, shameless plug here haha],hit me up''

Now that the bank holiday has come and gone some people might not be in the mood to hit the town again, what tunes would you suggest they listen to, to get in the mood?
''Feeling loads of different sounds at the moment! Loving the new Cliq trackTommy Conways InvigorateCamlephat - Panic Room, Mark Knight Feat. Mr V – We Get High From The Music, Tough Love - One Love, Riton ID, and obviously my own latest release Solstice.. too many to mention! Check out the full list of my current faves via my Power House Play list on Spotify >''

You're one of the most positive and inspirational women I know, how do you keep those positive vibes? ''Haha thank you for your kind words!  I just think life's just way too short to be down! There's so much to do & so many great things to experience, what's not to be positive about!''

FINALLY, do you ever think 'what if I just went on to teach history? 
''Yes all the time... especially when I'm behind the mixing desk or on tour,  I'm like why am I not in class at 9am waffling about the Roman Empire! Haha no not really, I think things have moved on so much with my music career that I'd find it very difficult to move into a 9-5 working environment now.
I still love history and I'm an avid reader, more as a hobby id love to go back to college and do some post-grad studies in classics, but that would be a pursuit of pleasure rather than part of the career plan at the moment.
Id more likely be found teaching about Djing /production at this stage. Regardless though, I think its healthy to have a wealth of interests and options in terms of career choices as then you'll never feel to tied to any particular field. Although I'm still in music at the moment, who knows what the future holds''

And there you have it, my little catch up with the unbelievable Losuise Da Costa. Take my word for it this lady is the most positive, hard working, down to earth woman I have ever spoken to and and mark my words this won't be the last you hear from this Queen!! 

Saturday, 10 March 2018

My Top 3 Foundations

Believe it or not there comes a time in every girls life where we realise we can no longer get away with essence mousse foundation (that's three times darker than our actual skin tone) and have to face the facts that if we're going to wear foundation it's for our best interests to pay out that little bit extra cash and invest in a good brand. Don't worry,  I'm under no illusion that for make up to be good it has to be expensive as a matter of fact most of my favourite make up is from Penney's but from my own personal experience I've spent years trying and testing cheap foundations and it's never left me anything but disappointed...and blotchy!! 

When I'm looking for a new foundation there's three things that it must have. Firstly  I want full coverage, when I wear foundation I want people to know I'm wearing it so yes it better cover up my ghastly spot that popped out over night. 
Secondly I want it to stay put ALL day!!!! When I'm in work I don't have time to top up my make up every half an hour and with all the lifting and walking we do it can get very warm and as a lot of girls can relate to your foundation can just slip off your face so I want a long lasting base than will still be perfect at 9pm that night. 
Finally, I don't want my face to feel caked with make up, many a day's I've had a foundation on where you could actually cut a chunk out of it before reaching my face and that's not a pretty sight but taking those three rules into consideration, I've finally after found three foundations that have changed my life and will hopefully change yours all between the €30 / €40 mark.

Kat Von D - Lock It Foundation

This is top of my list as it's hands down my favourite foundation, it even covers tattoos!! I was a little apprehensive buying this foundation as I presumed it would be extremely thick but it's not that heavy and gives an amazing cover. I really put this one to the test and it passed with flying colours. Starting work for nine I put this foundation on around 8am, didn't have to top it up all day then went straight from work to a spinning class and it was still perfect at 10pm that night going to bed. It's amazing and I'd really recommend it. I bought mine from Debenhams and it'll set you back €34.50. Try it you won't be disappointed!! I use shade Medium 52 warm (without tan).

Kat Von D - Lock it foundation shade Medium Warm 52
Estée Lauder - Double Wear 

Second on my list is the nations trusted go to Estée Lauder - double wear foundation. Growing up I used this as a going out foundation but with it setting you back €40 that wasn't going to cut it as a secondary school student. Now I'm back to my beloved foundation and it's a stayer alright. This foundation will last the distance and gives amazing coverage!! My only issue with this foundation is how quickly it dries so my advice would be to blend as you go as opposed to putting the make up on everywhere and then blending. I use shade 3N2 Wheat for the day time and shade 3W2 when going out. 
Night out with Double Wear shade 3W2 

Inglot - HD Foundation

Admittedly I had never used an Inglot product before but when a store opened in Waterford and I got my make up done in there I soon became hooked and my go to product was their HD foundation. This is a real night time, going out foundation and is a bit too heavy for during the day but last summer I bought this for a wedding and it was amazing. It looked so natural but had amazing coverage and ever since then I've been hooked. It costs €33 for a 35ml bottle but a little goes a long way and you can always pick it up for an extra €3 when you get your make up done in store. 
I use shade 77 and if you are looking for the perfect nighttime foundation this is your one!!
Wedding Prep with Inglot HD shade 77

And there you have it three of my favourite foundations that have never let me down and hopefully wont let you down either!